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Going on 36 Years of Service

C. Brown & Associates, Inc. is a boutique firm, that provides a full range of accounting, tax and financial services. The founding owner, Calvin Brown, opened the firm, after spending years as an IRS subject-matter expert, resolving double taxation cases under U.S. Income Tax Treaties with foreign governments; analyzing issues, preparing and communicating U.S. position documents; and negotiating cases. As master of these tax complexities, Calvin Brown leads the firm in its accounting practice; income tax preparation; advisory services; financial management, oversight and audits for individuals, businesses and governments; and other professional support.

C. Brown & Associates, Inc. has a great track record competently providing these services throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area. Not only will its qualified staff help you achieve your goals, but also you will have former IRS Agents & CPA's, among others, on your side. We believe in the value of relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of your success.

Just recently, the firm managed the Treasurer activities for a state-wide political campaign. The firm spent the last three years monitoring contributions and providing payroll operations for the campaign and multiple consultants; tracking the money flow and timely filing reports; and complying with campaign finance regulations. The firm netted zero errors in processing this multi-million dollar account.

The firm boasts of competent representation of the Department of Public Works’ Small Business & Minority Contractors for the District of Columbia Government.  The services included evaluating, advising and installing financial accounting systems and payroll services for these businesses. This work assisted minority contractors in the successful financial management and administration of capital improvement projects for the District. 

Calvin Brown also contributes to the financial stability of nonprofits, banks and community groups, by serving as a director on several boards.  Notably, he serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Revenue Authority of Prince George’s County (MD) and, in less than seven years, improved its balance sheet from $33M to $113M.  This quasi-governmental Authority generates trade, industry and economic growth for the public good, through the acquisition, development and financing of real estate projects and the operation and management of facilities that stimulate employment for County residents and revenue for the County and its businesses.